cyber house

Cyberhouse for Cybertruck

The new Tesla model unveiled by Ilon Musk left many scratching their chins. MODERN HOUSE architects suggest a scenario under which the weirdness of Cybertrack’s engineering and design makes sense.
…A zombie virus has finally broken out at a top-secret biolab. Decades of warnings from pop culture were not enough. Mindless but determined hordes of undead roam the countryside, devouring town after unsuspecting town.
What do survivors have in common?
They are, of course, in top shape, stress-resistant and trigger-happy, but there is a deeper secret to their success – a fortified abode and a nasty rover car…
After a post-apocalyptic pickup truck was presented to humanity this November, MODERN HOUSE decided to take care of the home castle.
The Cyberhouse is an architectual concept in line with Ilon Musk’s.
It is a self-sufficient multi-level bunker designed for living in a range of extreme conditions, from a Z Day to a nuclear fallout.
The slanted walls of reinforced concrete and high-strength steel keep away environmental shocks, mechanical and electromagnetic. Shielded windows, metallic blinds and airlocks add to the security.
An elevator to bring up the Cybertruck is located in the middle of the atrium, insolated through a glass cover.
6 or 7 people can wait for it all to blow over here in comfort, taunting zombies outside in complete personal safety.