Curve Appeal 3D-printed freeform house

WATG’s innovative Urban Architecture Studio has won First Prize in the The Freeform Home Design Challenge, a competition to design the world’s first freeform 3D printed house.

The Freeform Home Design Challenge was conceived to invite architects, designers, engineers and artists from around the world to participate in an investigation of how 3D printing technologies can improve our built environment and lives today.

The challenge, commissioned by Branch Technology, was to design a 600-800 square-foot single-family home that would rethink traditional architectural aesthetics, ergonomics, construction, building systems, and structure from the ground up.

To build the structure, 28 panels will be 3D-printed off-site, before being slotted together on-site to create two exterior walls, the roof and the interior core. These four main sections will then be hoisted into place and joined together.

It will be located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, US. Construction in 2017. See also Winberly interiors

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